The student destroyed the computers of the Institute’s flash-killer

The student has produced a “USB killer” according to the instructions on the Internet and “burned” computers educational institutions

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Today, 08:31

Студент уничтожил компьютеры института флешкой-убийцей

“Lethal” flash drive destroy computer immediately after connecting

A former student has pleaded guilty in the destruction 66 of the computers belonging to the College of Saint rose in Albany, new York using the USB device Killer (“USB killer”). At trial, the 27-year-old citizen of India Vishwanath Akuthota living in the United States on a student visa, admitted that on 14 February 2019 killed himself 59 PCs and seven Apple Mac computers, as well as several digital monitors with USB ports, according to TechSpot.

When you connect to a computer or any device “deadly stick” begins to accumulate charge from their capacitors, until it reaches the critical voltage, and then rapidly discharges it back to the host device. The power surge overloads and destroys the USB port of the computer and all its electric system that physically displays the computer unusable.

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These gadgets can be easily ordered online or even create at home, using a variety of electrical parts – the instructions on the Internet now abound and all of them are in the public domain, and this benefited the student.

Vishwanath Akuthota their actions caused damage to equipment in the amount of 51 thousand dollars, and the time spent on diagnosis and replacement of destroyed equipment amounted to 7 thousand dollars. The offender as mitigating the sentence agreed to refund the entire amount to the College.

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A graduate from the College of Saint rose with a master’s degree in business in 2017. His “partisan” motives are still unclear, however, judging by the found accounts in social networks, the guy could be unhappy with one of the teachers of the institution.

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We will remind that earlier the homeless hacker for years enjoyed free Internet, hacking payphones. It was also reported that hackers have found a way of hacking Windows 10.

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