The success of The Small Life during the pandemic

Le succès de La Petite Vie durant la pandémie

“The people who ask me what I do this time, I tell them that I write the times of The Tiny Life !” starts laughing, Claude Meunier. Success tireless on the small screen, the sitcom has won each week over 600 000 viewers in the spring.

In march, at the beginning of the containment, several people have turned to new series like It’s like that that I love you or Tiger King. But others have rather wanted to laugh while watching for the umpteenth time the adventures of Daddy and the family Ready to go.

“It’s been 11 times that emissions are reduced in the recovery, I believe,” said Claude Meunier. There is a new audience discovers them. There is a transmission from parents to children. It makes me happy to see that. The issue is still present. The viewership erupted in the spring. It was often at the top of the 600 000 or 700 000 viewers. It boggles the mind.

“The issue exists since 27 years and it always works,” he continues. I have worked with people of so much talent. I’m not saying this out of false humility. The teams of actors who I worked with… It makes me a little think of the gang It is like that that I love you, that I have found so good. This is a new gang that will be there for a long time, I think. It brings a new breath, a new writing, a new style. It is really good. “

Claude Meunier lived his containment of spring “to the campaign, 90 % of the time,” he says. It is installed in his house in the north, and took the opportunity to finish writing his second book on Daddy, which comes out this fall, 20 years after The Journal d’un Ti-Mé.

Worried about a second wave

At the age of 68, he admits to being worried about the risks of a second wave of COVID-19.

“It scares me because I find that it’s increasing all the time. This is not set at all. There are more cases than before, more dead every day. There is no solution, no medicine, no vaccine. There are just ways to live that allow us to be a little more certain not to catch it. The economy, it is all artificial. No, it is maddening. At this time, it’s nice. It looks less worse when it is sunny. “

“What I find sad, it is the relationships with people,” he adds. It is this which is lacking in all the world, cuddling, touching, kissing. There are many in the world that we cannot see. I have one of my girls that I see at a distance because she was working in the public. I see, but from a distance, at the end of the table. It is tiring. “

The author has faith in science to get us out of this pandemic. “They are the doctors, the scientists will pull out of there. As long as there will be no vaccine or super drug to heal us, it will not go well… “


Could we soon see his character of Ti-Mé in capsules with a mask ?

“It is a good idea ! meets Claude Meunier. I have to take pictures to Recyc-Québec in the month of August. I would be due to make a capsule with a mask, actually. I am so for wearing a mask in addition. “

Ti-Mé became the first spokesperson in the history of Recyc-Québec in November 2018. “We had a three-year contract that ends soon, says Claude Meunier. I hope that it will be renewed, because it’s going very well. “

The author mentions that the association of his character with the quebec society for recovery and recycling was a matter of course. “At the beginning, he was a garbage collector, now he is a recycler (laughs) ! I have to say that my father, who was the inspiration of Ti-Mé, was himself a recycler incredible. He was writhing. He had it all in the basement with us. It was really the precursor. “

Ready for a project tele

In may 2016, Claude Miller learned that the Ti-Mé Show came to an end after only two seasons. Having been away from the tv since the author mentions that he is now ready to work on new projects for the small screen.

“When the Ti-Mé Show has stopped, I had the taste of taking a break because I had worked hard for a long time,” he said. I had the taste of travelling, and I’ve done a lot. “

When asked why the Ti-Mé Show had ended after 26 emissions, Claude Miller recalls a dispute with a person in the broadcaster ” who wanted to impose on us business and we didn’t want to “.

After having criticised in his first season, the show had taken headway to go. “It was number one on Friday night at Radio-Canada, said Claude Miller. It had good ratings. “

He does not feel bitter in the face of this end is a little abrupt. “I was doing it for fun. It ended a little square, but it had not yet begun to write the third season. “

Four years later, Claude Miller thinks back on the small screen, but it shows you have no taste ” to be attached, to feel myself in a straitjacket “. “I think that there are good bargains on tv. I am more a spectator now. But it is not said that I will not write anything else. Not at all. Maybe I’ll get back to writing this year. This will also can be a piece of theatre. ”

“I really like that writing for the theatre,” he continues. It is in my DNA. I am a writer, I do talk about the world. But I’m not in a hurry. I watch the life go by a little bit. I am in shape. I don’t think I die right away. I hope ! “

No patience for the cinema

In his prolific career, which has many projects on tv and at the theater, Claude Meunier has very little worked in the cinema. There was only one movie that he directed [The great departure, 2008] and another that he wrote and in which he has played [Ding et Dong, le film, 1990].

Why has there not been more active on the big screen ? “I would have been able to do a little more, well honestly, he answers. But I was embedded in The Small Life. And also, I find it very long to make films here. It is very complicated. “

“I’ve made two films. This is not so bad ! I would have liked it more, if it had not been so long. This is why I like more the tv. It is fast, you have the means. You’re not still trying to scrape funds drawer. It is complicated to make the film. It is almost a mission here. “

Considered lucky, Claude Meunier mentions that he has never had a film project that was aborted. “When I decided I wanted to do Ding et Dong, le film, I did. Same thing for The grand departure. There were people who told me that I should do another one immediately, but I wasn’t ready and I thought it was too long. It is still a year and a half longer than you think. Maybe I don’t have the patience. “

With the huge success of La Petite Vie, Meunier has often propose to transpose the family Ready for the big screen. “But there was a difficulty for me to do The Small Life to the cinema,” he said. He would have had to do as the film of the Flintstones [The Flintstones], and recreate the universe. Because The Small Life, when you get out of their world to bring them in reality, they are almost monstrous. You put your Mother in a shopping centre, it is very anachronistic. You put it in the decor of The Little Life , and she is correct, she lives well. Therefore, it would have been necessary to make an entire universe of Small Life. It would have been expensive.

“Or an idea that I had, it was put in a rocket so they can go on another planet,” he continues. It is necessary that you kinds of their universe. Also, The Small Life is a sitcom tour before the public. At the cinema, you have no audience. In The Small Life, the audience is a character. It brings a rhythm, a dynamic. This is why there has not been a lot of sitcoms in the United States that have been made into a film. “

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