The summer Festival might not be back for 2022

Le Festival d’été pourrait ne pas revenir avant 2022

With a heavy heart to the idea that the 53e edition of the summer Festival will not take off as expected, on Thursday evening, the leaders of the summer event lighthouse of Quebec are preparing for the edition 2021, while keeping in mind that the reunion with the festival could be postponed until 2022.

“If you know someone who is able to confirm that there will be a FEQ in the next year, we would like to meet him. “

Quip launched to the representative of the Journal by executive director Anne Émond illustrates the climate of uncertainty in which the FEQ is immersed.

Nobody puts the head in the sand. Without a vaccine or cure to come to the end of the COVID-19, all options are on the table, including a break of two years.

“It would not be reasonable not to consider it,” admits Ms. Emond.

And if there is an edition of 2021, will it have the scale at which the FEQ has accustomed us ? The budgets will they be the same ?

“It is a question which we cannot answer, says Anne Émond. We can say that one is set a budget with assumptions of sales and with this as our foundation. For example, will be there still on the Plains ? Yes, it’s part of our DNA. “

The FEQ will not be denatured

In a perspective where public health data are changing on a daily basis, the COVID-19 has forced the Festival was to call in question its business model, reveals its programmer Louis Bellavance.

“If our revenues are affected, we’ll have to adjust, but the important thing is that we decided to stay the course. We will not misrepresent the FEQ. “

The leaders of the FEQ are reassured by the results of a survey of festival-goers, which would have indicated their intention to attend the event on his return.

“We liked what we read “, says Anne Émond.

As for the headliners of the edition 2020, the links are cut, confirms Louis Bellavance.

“We have no obligations towards them. That said, the artists that we wanted to do coming in 2020, we loved them a lot. We will try to review in a horizon of one, two or three years. Each case is different. “

Desperately empty

Le Festival d’été pourrait ne pas revenir avant 2022

Le Festival d’été pourrait ne pas revenir avant 2022

4 July 2019 7 July 2020

The Large Driveway taking the intersection with the place George-V to 12-month intervals. The July 4, 2019, the 52e edition of the FEQ took off with all the excitement that this great event has accustomed us. Mrecredi, things were very different !

In the meantime, a visit on the plains of Abraham, these days, offers a vision distressing for all those whose heart beats, usually to the rhythm of the FEQ in the first two weeks of July.

For the first time in decades, no scene stands between the avenues, Ontario, and George VI on the plains of Abraham.

The site is desperately empty. Only a few cyclists and pedestrians in disturbing the peace.

“Come here on the site, it brews something “, says Louis Bellavance.

On his side, Anne Émond has a thought for the employees of the FEQ. “What bothers me a lot is that they are not there. The demobilization involuntary is hard to live. ”

“The summer of the great disappointments”

Not only the members of the Three Agreements have had to say goodbye to the opening night of the summer Festival on the plains of Abraham, but it is their biggest-been career that the group has seen disappear due to the coronavirus.

The pinch in the heart that the four musicians will feel, today, will therefore be one of the many to the touch in the coming weeks, says the drummer Charles Dubreuil.

The disappointments, “he said,” we saw them one by one because our agent did not remove the dates from our calendar and we have reminders of the show calls in our tips to tour manager. ”

Thursday morning, Charles Dubreuil will receive, therefore, in spite of everything, alert to their show planned in the evening. “It’s going to be written FEQ with the time, and I’m going to do : aaaaaahhh ! “

Add to this the fact that the group had to abandon its Festival de la poutine in Drummondville. “It’s been major disappointments,” says the musician.

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