The summer of miracles at the Agora de Québec

The summer of miracles at the Agora de Québec


More than 60,000 spectators attended the various events that were presented this summer at the Agora Port of Quebec. A relaunch that manager and promoter Richard Samson describes as a miracle.

“ Last February, when we began to put in place the relaunch of the Agora, we did not know not what was to happen with COVID, if we were to have consistent programming, if we were to have the necessary funding and if people were to be there. We are extremely happy and satisfied,” he said in a telephone interview.

The 2022 season of Agora Port de Québec ended last Saturday with the punk rock sounds of the American band NOFX. A concert that was sold out.

Manager and promoter with Marc-Olivier D'Amours, Richard Samson associates the success of the return of the Agora to a collective effort, identifying the Secretariat in the Capitale-Nationale, the City of Quebec, the Port of Quebec, Tanguay, the Port of Quebec Business Association, District 7 Productions, Sismyk and the residents' committees of Old Quebec and the Old Port, partners in this revival.

Among the magical moments of summer 2022, Richard Samson refers to the Festival celtique de Québec, the SuperFrancoFête and the performance of the group A Day To Remember.

The Boogie Wonder Band was all the rage.

   I burst into tears at the Celtic Festival and took a step back in time at the Boogie Wonder Band show, he said.

FLIP Fabrique

One of the great surprises of the summer was the dance event Bouge: from the Street to the Agora< /em>.

“We started with 1200 and 1400 viewers and went up to 2500. We thought it was going to work well, but maybe not that many,” said- he points out.

Richard Samson and his partner intend to continue in the same direction for the summer of 2023.

The SuperFrancoFête was one of the highlights of the year.

The 3X3 Basketball will be back. He would also like to bring back Belle and Bum, the SuperFrancoFête, which will be an annual event, TV production and also humor. They are also open to other sporting events. Talks are underway for a return of FLIP Fabrique to the Agora. 

“ We are open to anything. We are not closing the door to doing even more events while keeping the guideline that guided us in our choices. “, he said.

In the past, too many rock shows had scratched the ears of area residents.

“We could have done more. We received lots of offers for rock shows. We received only one complaint and it was during a dance performance. A loudspeaker was positioned directly towards a condo of a resident of the Terrasses du Vieux-Port. We corrected the shooting. Meetings with the residents' committees have allowed us to put in place an editorial policy to limit the number of more rock events to more or less four per summer,” he said.