The “super-nurses” in reinforcement in the CHSLD

Les «super-infirmières» en renfort dans les CHSLD

With the many deaths that Quebec has known in a CHSLD, how to ensure that the coronavirus does not introduce new in the accommodation centres? The nurse practitioners specialty, may be called upon to play a role increasingly important.

During the health crisis, many doctors went in force throughout the territory. They went from 50 to 80, in the hope of saving the greatest number of elderly people. But during this time, other seniors were waiting to make their entrance in NURSING homes, so that the admissions had been suspended.

It was therefore necessary to find a solution to get to new residents to create new homes on the outbreak of the COVID-19.

To ensure that the elderly are admitted into NURSING homes, it has created a buffer zone. These are nurse practitioners with specialized caregivers.

They were first given a helping hand in a hotel in Montreal, when it came time to isolate the sick, at the beginning of the pandemic. The experience was so beneficial that they have been entrusted with a new mission.

It is they who are doing all the admission process, the patient follow-up and the process of leave of absence, so who care of the transfers to the circles of care possible.

“It’s there every day, it maintains a presence, for the moment, it is five days per week. We are working with the nursing team, in collaboration too, so it is prescribed blood tests, diagnostic tests, too”, explains Marie-Christine Laramée, a nurse-practitioner specialty.

The pilot project is working very well. They had never cared for people over the age.

The CIUSSS of the Is Island wants the IPS of the first row play a role of in NURSING homes.

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