The surprising performance of Charles Leblanc

Charles Leblanc's surprising performance


It's been a long time since we've seen a Quebecer enjoy so much success offensively in major league baseball. Charles Leblanc, of the Miami Marlins, has at least successfully entered the big leagues.  

As the Marlins enjoyed a rare day off Thursday, Leblanc had 37 hits since being called up on July 30. This is a peak among all the players of the Florida formation during this period.

Again this week, the number 83 of the Marlins was reported. In a 10-3 win over the Chicago Cubs on Monday, the Quebecer hit his fourth career home run and added a ninth double.

“We benefited from the contribution of many different players, commented the manager of the Marlins Don Mattingly, at the end of this match, paying tribute in particular to Leblanc. It was a wonderful offensive game for us.”

The next day, despite the Marlins losing 2-1 to the Cubs, Leblanc had two more hits to raise his batting average to .291 .

A select group

In the past, very few players born in Quebec have flirted with an average approaching .300 during the same season. Born in Montreal, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. could be included in this restricted group, even if he mainly grew up in the Dominican Republic. During the 2021 campaign, he had shown a performance of .311, while he has a batting average of .279 this season with the Toronto Blue Jays.

In the last decades, receiver Russell Martin had concluded his second full season, in 2007, with an average of .293 in the uniform of the Los Angeles Dodgers. His second-best season, based on that same stat, was 2014 with the Pittsburgh Pirates with .290.

Most effective on the road

In the case of Leblanc, the sample is smaller with 39 games played. We have to admit that the young man from Laval, who is 26 years old, has however surprised many so far.

As for the more detailed statistics, it should be noted that Leblanc has a .346 batting average in 16 road games. He is, however, posting .244 in home games, despite his three home runs at LoanDepot Park in Miami. His other long ball was hit on August 22 during a game in Oakland.

Over the next few days, Leblanc and the Marlins will again play at home, Friday through Sunday, against the Nationals. from Washington. The Florida club will then travel to face the Mets in New York and then the Brewers in Milwaukee before concluding the season at home with a three-game series against the Atlanta Braves.