The suspect was armed for carnage

The suspect was armed for carnage

, Camille Payant and Jean-Louis Fortin MISE À DAY

The suspect who allegedly shot three innocent people in 24 hours was equipped with a modified firearm ordered as a spare part, in addition to having in his possession numerous ammunition and a high capacity magazine.< /strong> 

“He could have done a lot of carnage and he was not about to run out of ammunition,” said a source familiar with the matter. 

Abdulla Shaikh would have made his semi-automatic weapon from various pieces obtained online, according to this same source. He also had an impressive amount of ammunition in his possession.

The traces of the operation of the tactical intervention group are still visible on the door of the room, with the hole of a projectile of firearm (circled) and a dent caused by the ram of the police officers.

It is also ruled out that the firearm that the 26-year-old suspect had in his possession when he was shot dead by the tactical intervention group on Thursday morning was acquired legally, d 'after our information.

The Sûreté du Québec, now responsible for the investigation, and the Integrated Team to Fight Against Arms Trafficking (EILTA) thus spend a lot of their time determining how he was able to get his hands on this weapon. < /p>

This is an “essential” element of the investigation to shed light on this case, according to several experts consulted by Le Journal. 

“It is an important and worrying aspect, because at the moment it is one of the big questions. […] How this guy could get this weapon? asked André Gélinas, retired detective sergeant in the intelligence division of the Montreal police. 

Find the source

Going up at the source, the investigators could even get their hands on traffickers and discover caches of weapons, he added.

“In their work of analysis, they will have to peel his contacts, messages. They could also find traces that will establish the motive for his murderous madness,” explained Mr. Gélinas. 

“Are we able to get to the person who sold the weapon? It is important. Were other people in Quebec able to buy this kind of weapon from the seller? said Stéphane Wall, a retired supervisor with the Montreal police.

According to him, it will be essential for the investigators to be able to collaborate with the American authorities, since most of the weapons seized in Quebec crossed the “sieve” that is the border with our neighbors to the south.  

Easy access

Such a tragedy in which three men lost their lives is a reminder of how accessible firearms are to people with bad intentions, the two also felt police officers. 

“That an individual who does not technically seem to be linked to the milieu of criminal groups has been able to obtain an illegal weapon […] demonstrates that it is easy to buy a gun in Montreal,” said criminologist Maria Mourani.

“The handgun license freeze and the decision to ban the legal importation of handguns is not going to change much [of the problem of illegal guns],” said Irvin Waller, professor emeritus of criminology at University of Ottawa. 


At one time, the alleged perpetrator of the three murders, Abdulla Shaikh, terrorized employees of the Cité-de-la-Santé in Laval, where he was followed in psychiatry.

There are members who challenged us. They felt in danger, said Nathalie Bourque, interim president of the Union of workers of the CISSS of Laval-CSN, to TVA Nouvelles.

People who work in psychiatry are used to threats and vulgar language, but sometimes there are cases where you really feel the difference and fear sets in,” added Mrs. Bourque.

At least two members have turned to their union because of recurring and insistent threats from the 26-year-old man.

They're threats like, 'I'm going to find your name and address. I'm going to kill you.'' The members were really afraid for their physical integrity, even their lives , recalled the president.

At least one employee had even contacted the police to file a complaint.

They were told that it was a patient in psychiatry, that these were veiled threats. So, there was no follow-up and there was no report , explained Nathalie Bourque.

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