The SUV of a Russian army general targeted by a fire in Moscow

Russian Army General's SUV Targeted by a fire in Moscow


Nearly a week after the assassination attempt on “Putin's mastermind,” which ultimately killed his daughter, it's a Russian general's turn to fall victim to a incident. 

A Russian news agency, “Baza”, reported that Yevgeny Sektarev's luxury vehicle was set on fire by a woman who is “against the war in Ukraine”.

According to police officers, a woman allegedly doused the Russian general's BMW X6 with gasoline, before setting fire to the SUV, near a residential building.

A photo shared by the agency shows the damage to the car by Sektarev.

Yevgeny Sektarev is Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; he is responsible for censorship within the Russian army.

The police arrested the woman on Saturday.

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A general's SUV of the Russian army targeted by a fire in Moscow

She says she committed the gesture “to demonstrate her opposition to the war in Ukraine”.

These incidents are increasingly worrying those close to the Kremlin and Russian power.