The Swiss Bank replaced employees with robots

Швейцарский банк заменил сотрудников роботами

In Switzerland, Bank St. Galler Kantonalbank, as an experiment, replaced employees with robots.

About it writes Bloomberg.

In the halls for services and cash financial institution has established five robots that replaced the seven employees. Machines communicate with visitors through a special interface able to take the money, maintain records and perform other duties of Bank employees.

According to experts, robots can’t be wrong, also banks save on special equipment, which is used by live staff.

The experiment will last until the end of may, then the Bank will decide whether robots or on a continuous basis to bring people back.

We will remind, the robot of Sofia, created by a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics and activated in 2015, became the star of the Indian version of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. A photo of her in a glamorous outfit from the Indian designer Tanya Hanadi was placed on the cover of the new issue of the publication, and its pages inside. This is the first case in history when the cover of glossy magazines gets a photo of the Android.

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