The talk about blue

Le parler bleu

In two days, we celebrate the Saint-Jean. Hey it will be nice to celebrate our little corner of the French-speaking country in America.

We are going to make the party and have fun with our best, our buddies, our gang and our kids, we will say ” Cheers ” in cheering and shouting “Quebec rocks” and ” You’re the best ! “. We will give the big Love.

All of our instagrammeurs, which we follow accounts and like the posts, will emphasize this by writing in a bilingual hashtag #happy #spreadthelove #summer.


In this year of local pride, where we celebrate the products here with The blue basket, is that we should leave the movement “to Talk blue” ?

Give price lemon to these artists that we draw from the literature on social media in a language bastardised and approximate that Camille Laurin did not recognize.

Cœur de pirate is really the queen of bilingual. Or should I say the “queen” ? “Found a swimming pool “, ” Another day in covid-world “, ” Dock time “.

Give price lemon to the shops of Montreal, whose accounts Instagram are in English only.

Recently I wrote a comment to a group of restaurants unilingual English… in Montreal ! You know what they answered me : “Do you speak English, Sophie ? “. (The answer is yes, as I speak also Italian and Spanish).

It really is cum in our mouths that we feel guilty, we, the francophones who dare to claim even a crumb of respect for the fact that the official language of this province is French.

A sudden party, give a prize lemon, editions Boréal, which announced last week a new collection : “Nature writing “.

What is the “nature writing” ? Imagine, therefore, that these are books of fiction or essays that speak of our special relationship with nature.

That influenceuses with 50 vocabulary words are the crutch of the English language, it is a thing. But a publishing house seriously starts to speak Franglais, it is heartbreaking.

When my husband made the comment to Boreal, here is the reply he received : “The accurate translation of this term to English (United States) has not yet been found. It is not a question of books on nature (the catch-all expression that brings together all types of documents), the meaning is more profound, it is the emotion, the sensation, the inspiration of the scripture “.

New word

Oddly enough, in a few clicks, I was able to find several sources that have translated this literary style by “Writing nature, “”Write nature” or ” Text environmental “.

It could also invite a new word, such as ” litténature “.

In its press release to announce its collection of “nature writing,” Sei wrote : “A geographical situation like ours, privileged as to the report to the wilderness, necessarily, a product of the writers close to the living world. (…) A place open to the adventures of language in the richness of living a wild world threatened. “

It is interesting to see that for Boreal, “a world of wild threatened” is more important to preserve that,” a language beautiful threatened.”

Then, for this Saint-Jean 2020, can we commit to talking about blue, pamper yourself, pamper our French ?

After all, as so well expressed by Cœur de pirate : “The best is yet to come “.

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