The tax authorities to clamp an ex-accomplice of “the Wolf of Montreal”

Le fisc pince un ex-complice du «Loup de Montréal»

A former acolyte of what has been dubbed the ‘Wolf of Montreal” has been slapped with a fine of almost $ 500,000 for a tax evasion complex involving transfers of money from one tax haven of the exotic.

Robert Kalfayan pleaded guilty yesterday at the palais de justice de Laval to the charges of tax evasion filed in response to an inquiry from the Canada revenue Agency.

Kalfayan was an associate of John Babikian, known as the ‘ Wolf of Montreal “, a scammer is the bad reputation to which it has lent to the similarities with the main character in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The partner of the ‘Wolf of Montreal” has been pinched between other people because of his way of life which did not correspond to his declared income.

Babikian was leading a train of flamboyant life – sports cars, homes in California and private jet – and had accumulated a fortune of $ 100 million in a few years because of the illegal techniques of stock manipulation.

It is considering the same build in Laval, a dwelling worthy of Tony Stark, a character of comic books and movies Iron Man, depending on what was discovered our Bureau of investigation.

He fled to Quebec in 2012, and we believe that it is earth now in Russia. The us authorities are always on his heels. He is accused of having caused losses of $ 3 billion to investors in North America, influencing the course of action of low value.

At the airport of Montreal

His former partner, Robert Kalfayan, he has been able to evade justice.

He has been arrested at her descent of plane to Montréal-Trudeau airport last December, a few days before Christmas.

The revenue Agency had managed to jam it. Federal investigators discovered that he had attempted to evade fraudulently the payment of an amount of federal income tax of $ 700,000 “using a ploy complex” in early 2010, a-t-on said in a statement released yesterday.

Kalfayan wanted to put his luxurious house of Laval to the shelter efforts of the revenue Agency to seize and recover the unpaid tax.

To do this, he has set up a plan clever. Through an accomplice, he has taken out a mortgage for dummy in $ 700,000 on the residence. In this way, he barred the road to the revenue Agency, unable now to put a strain on the home of a legal mortgage.

In reality, the $ 700,000 mortgage were her own. The sum was due in large part to bank transfers made from bank accounts that he held in Belize, a small central American country considered a tax haven.

A house for$1.2 Million

The tax evasion scheme orchestrated by Kalfayan concerned his luxurious house of Laval.

According to documents filed in court, Kalfayan had reported income to the tax which did not match the lifestyle that he led. Thus, in 2012, he had purchased a house for $ 1.2 million in the Field of Banks, in the quartier Sainte-Dorothée, Laval, which had put the chip in the ear of the revenue Agency.

In addition to the fine of 495 614 $, Kalfayan will have to repay the tax to the tax authorities.

According to documents obtained by our Office of investigation, which originate from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United States, the “Wolf of Montreal” would have shared the money with Kalfayan. Babikian has, in effect, paid out of the fund in one of the companies Kalfayan.

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