The taxi driver stopped a speeding driverless car and saved the children: video

Resident of China, Hu Wangan had to catch up with the car barefoot on hot asphalt

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Таксист остановил мчащуюся без водителя машину и спас детей: видео

Chinese taxi driver stopped the car at full speed

A Chinese taxi driver named Hu Wangan became a hero online after the Internet appeared the video with his participation. The man miraculously managed to stop racing at full speed a car without a driver, and save the people there. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

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As the authors write community, the man was sitting at a stoplight, while he heard a bloodcurdling scream from swept past the car. The taxi driver could see a runaway car woman and two children.

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As it turned out, the father forgot to put the vehicle on the handbrake, causing the brave Hu Wangan had to catch up with the car barefoot on a hot pavement. In the end, the taxi driver jumped into a car and stopped the vehicle.

Earlier “Today,” wrote the Australian woman complained to a taxi driver who refused to take her to the destination because of the “too unfavorable rate” and allegedly faked this heart attack. In addition, we reported that the Japanese company Sanwa Kotsu now allows you to choose a ninja as a driver.

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