The teacher taught the students to make “ecstasy” and paid

61-year-old Professor pleaded guilty and explained what happened

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Преподаватель научил студентов делать "экстази" и поплатился

Professor forced students to produce drugs

In Japan, the teacher may be imprisoned due to accusations of illegal production and drug trafficking, according to KNA.

Scientist, Tatsunori made iwamura with their students in the classroom to produce MDMA pills – a semi-synthetic compound which is better known under the slang name of “Ecstasy”. 61-year-old Professor pleaded guilty, but explained that this task be included in the curriculum of the Department of pharmaceutical studies at the University of Matsuyama. The problem is that for the manufacture of MDMA, you must have a special permit. The Professor claims that essential document he had, however, the term of the permit has ended. Now iwamura with the risk of going to jail.

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It is reported that this is not the first such accusation against Tatsunori iwamura with. Five years ago, 11 of his students suspected of illegal production of ecstasy.

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