The Team Hope program is born

Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke (ESS) continues its pioneering work in Quebec in coaching amateur athletes. With the concretization of its program “Hope Team”, inaugurated Wednesday in press conference, ESS will now cover all layers of the pyramid of athlete development.

“We just found our missing link. After the Impulse program, launched for the 2013 Canada Games, and the establishment of the Sherbrooke International program, we were missing this program for athletes who made their mark at the Quebec Games, and who are progressing towards the Pulse program. . With the Sherbrooke Games, funded by the Legacy of the Canada Games, we touch, guide and help four different clienteles, but all complementary, “said the president of ESS Pierre Tremblay.

In total, 23 athletes have been identified for this first cohort. More athletes will be added in the coming months after the Thetford Mines Quebec Games next summer.

“We target the athletes who have distinguished themselves by their performances. ESS will contribute by giving access to peripheral services, such as physical preparation, nutrition, sports psychology. This clientele is a bit of the first level of sports recognition; we will invite them to excel, while having fun and supporting the work of their coaches, “explained Jean-Benoît Jubinville, responsible for athletes of category hope, within ESS.

The program therefore aims to identify and support promising athletes who hope to reach the next level, the top and the elite, in their respective sports.

Then, under the coordination of the Conseil Sport Loisir de l’Estrie (CSLE), the coaching component will provide opportunities for meetings and training for the Estrie coaching community.

Better tooling

« Puisque nous sommes déjà responsables des Jeux du Québec en région, il était tout naturel de poursuivre l’association plus loin. Par des ateliers de formation et des conférences, sur des sujets comme la récupération, le sommeil, l’alimentation avant et après les compétitions, on veut mieux outiller les Entraîneurs et surtout, travailler de façon multisports, et non en silo. On a trois autres ateliers prévus avant les Jeux du Québec de Thetford Mines », a dit Nicolas Vanasse, coordonnateur des programmes au CSLE.

“The coach and the club will act as a conductor in the provision of peripheral services. You do not give an amount of money to the athlete, or to the club. Instead, we look at the general picture of coaching to the athletes, in each case, and try to see what can be added to what the athlete is already receiving. For these athletes, it will be the first contact with this type of service, “said Émilie Roy, coordinator for athlete and communications services at ESS.

With the launch of this “Hope Team” program, ESS covers the entire athlete development pyramid.

The hope category is generally recognized as one that includes the largest pool of athletes.

It is therefore the first screening filter of talent in athletes.

“This program will facilitate identification, that’s for sure. At the same time, it will probably help to give a new boost to the visibility of the Quebec Games and support its primary role in the development of athletes, “said Nicolas Vanasse and Emilie Roy.


Track and Field
Gabriel Pelletier
Benjamin Martin

Marie-Jeanne Dostie
Ismaël Léveillé-Sanchez
Dylan Beaulieu
Mathis Richard
Shelley Hladin
Emma Boisvert

Olivier Roberge

Ève Landry

Mégane Chouinard

Jérémy Roy

Mountain bike and road cycling
Charles-Antoine St-Onge
Jasmine Aspirot
Magdeleine Vallières- Mills

Olympic Boxing
Magalie Longtin

Mathys Jalbert
Jerome Pilon
Lauricia Bellemare

Audrey Archambault
Benjamin Proteau
Hugues-Samuel Gilbert
Élodie Lefebvre

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