The team Mustache skeptical about the fight with the Russian Lebedev

У команді Усика скептично дивляться на бій з росіянином Лебедєвим

To organize the fight will not be so easy

The CEO of the company K2 Promotions Alexander Krasyuk commented on the possibility of fighting Alexander Usik against Russian Denis Lebedev.

According to him, this fight will be of interest only to Ukraine and Russia.

“We don’t just want to know who wins, right? This is professional Boxing. Here the necessary funding. We take and just doing a market analysis on what we can obtain with this battle? In the first place. What countries have this fight interesting? Ukraine? So interesting. Russia? Also interesting. Germany? Unlikely. Britain? Australia? USA? Mexico? Interesting only two countries that can boast the biggest budgets in the Boxing ring,” said Krasyuk.

The promoter believes that the fight in the near future unlikely.

“In the second. If we take the three traditional source of income: television, advertising contracts and tickets, it is unlikely that without the involvement of alternative sources of income it will be possible to assemble a budget for the organization of this match. There are requirements on the royalties from one and the second boxer. There are objective technical requirements, the requirements of television,” he explained.

“The budget is rather big. Will we be able to fill it? Unlikely. Need someone who’ll sponsor it. If we do not find it objectively we adopt a purely pragmatic managerial decision: who cares? It is not only we understand. Team Lebedev also understands this. Here such an analysis. Probably not such a match to be called incredible. But to say that it’s right on the agenda,” – said Krasyuk.

Alexander Usik is the world champion under version WBC, WBO, IBF and WBA, and also owns a belt Ring magazine.

In the last battle Usik defended all his belt, sending out the British Tony Bellew.

Lebedev is the world champion “on vacation” by the WBA.

To maintain the title he needs to fight with the Ukrainian champion.

Recall, promoter Frank Warren said that the Ukrainian may 13 APR to fight Anthony Joshua.

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