The team of Peter MacKay apologize to all of Alupa Clarke

L’équipe de Peter MacKay s’excuse auprès d’Alupa Clarke

The team of the candidate for the leadership of the conservative Party Peter MacKay apologize to all of Alupa Clarke for the content of a letter clumsy sent to the members of the party in Beauport-Limoilou.

The ex-member of parliament for the constituency, Alupa Clarke (2015 to 2019), has shared on social networks a copy of the letter sent by the clan MacKay members of the CPC to solicit their vote.

“Since I co-founded the conservative Party in 2003 with prime minister Stephen Harper, we have not elected a conservative mp in Beauport-Limoilou. Me, I want to change that with your help “, can read.

“Hmmmmm…I wonder in what county I was elected in 2015,” responded Mr. Clarke on Facebook, accompanying his message with a emoji laughing tears. Ironically, Mr. Clarke is leading the campaign in Quebec to Erin O’toole, the main opponent of MacKay.

“If this is a mistake, it happens to everyone, but it is a bit of a “loser”. Me, I took it with a smile, but the members that have contacted me were not happy. There are several who have found it unacceptable, shameful and demeaning, ” said Mr Clarke in an interview.

The team of Mr. MacKay also seemed to ignore the existence of the ex-mp Sylvie Boucher, who has represented the constituents of Beauport-Limoilou, on two occasions, thanks to his victories in 2006 and 2008. Far from being upset by this blunder, she promised to vote ” when even [for] Peter “.

An ” error in good faith “

The campaign manager of Mr. MacKay in Québec, Catherine Major, said that it is an “error in good faith on the part of volunteers” who are simply deceived.

“We apologize to Mr. Clarke. “

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