The teenager found the remains of an unknown creature: photo

Pictures of the animal were sent to scientists from the University of Iowa in the United States

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Подросток нашел останки неизвестного существа: фото

On a farm in the US found the remains of a mastodon

American found the 76-centimetre bone of an unknown prehistoric creature on the farm in Iowa. About it reports the Internet-the edition HuffPost.

Later, pictures of the animal were sent to scientists from the University of Iowa. The experts were able to establish that the remains belong to a mastodon, which became extinct about 10 thousand years ago. This animal belongs to the family of mammals (order – Robotnik). They differed from mammoths and living elephants, certain characteristics that are mainly related to the special structure of the teeth.

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It is reported that the farmers donated the find to the store of paleontology of the University of Iowa. They chose not to name names, to avoid the invasion of outsiders into their realm. About 30 years they also found on his farm the bones of a woolly mammoth.

We will remind, in the South-East of the UK in the County of Sussex researchers at the University of Cambridge was discovered 85 clear dinosaur footprints along the coast of the English channel from the cliffs near Hastings. “Today” also wrote about the fact that scientists have discovered a dinosaur that is contrary to science – it will force scientists to revise history.

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