The temptations of Legault

The temptations of Legault

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Quebeckers know that the planetary pandemic situation is evolving, sometimes for the worse, but they will probably have a little through their throats that they have been dangled, for a second consecutive time, a time of Holidays more festive than the gray table brushed Thursday evening.

François Legault looked crestfallen at the stroke of 6 p.m., speaking to Quebecers. A stark contrast to his optimism on November 29. & Nbsp;

Barely more than two weeks ago, the Prime Minister expressed the wish to obtain the OK from Public Health for gatherings of 20 to 25 people.

Then, on Tuesday, December 7, the Dr Horacio Arruda announced that he was giving the green light to these “parties of 20”.

The three opposition parties at the same time called for a public inquiry due to new revelations on the management of the first wave of pandemic, in CHSLDs.

Was there any rush? Was the Prime Minister insistent with the national director of public health? This is the perception of many.

In the announcement, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, declared: “Despite the uncertainties, I think it is important to reward Quebeckers. “

Dr Arruda said he had consulted the projections of the National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) and of the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESS).

< p> “Today, I feel reassured”, he said.


In fact, even on Wednesday afternoon, someone close to the Prime Minister told me that it was very unlikely that there would be a setback on the rallies.

Monday evening, the crisis unit was given forecasts of increases in Covid cases.

But it is Wednesday at 4 p.m. that the INSPQ and the INSPQ have finally presented the catastrophic scenarios of hospitalizations and that everything changed.

Is the Crisis Staff pointing the finger at its scientists for not having raised the red flag faster? Not really. I was told that, despite the screening of new cases last week, the Omicron had not been detected.

Yet the progression was not in doubt elsewhere in the world. A government source maintains that you must “have some evidence in hand” before making any tightening decisions that impact people's lives.

The Legault style

As for the desire for gatherings of 20 to 25, the clan of François Legault maintains that he did not throw this figure into the air. & Nbsp;

That it was Public Health that had him talked about this scenario. Weird he didn't say it. He could have done it when he was questioned the next day. & Nbsp;

“If we can't say what we think, there we have a problem”, he defended himself. , while the journalists were asking him if he had not exerted undue pressure on Dr Arruda.

Quebecers love his authentic side, not very tongue in cheek.

But when you are Prime Minister, it is at the very least risky to say something that you will not be able to deliver, on such a sensitive subject.

One might think that the temptation was great for the captain to sail towards something positive, while it was windy at sea.

The temptations of Legault

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