The terminals of disinfectants already vandalized in the metro

Des bornes de désinfectants déjà vandalisées dans le métro

MONTREAL – Several of the 224 terminals, hand sanitizer installed in the 68 metro stations in the last few weeks are already out of service.

The “24 Hours” has identified several terminals that have been vandalized, taken out of service or completely torn out on Tuesday afternoon.

A bottle of liquid disinfectant has even been stolen from inside her enclosure at the metro station Guy-Concordia. Others have simply gone to the metro stations Bonaventure and Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke. These three stations are among the busiest in the network.

Of the terminals to the metro stations of Saint-Laurent, Place-des-Arts and Atwater on the green line were also out of service.

Barely three weeks after the installation of the distributors, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has confirmed that 36 of them, out of a total of 224, are faulty or have been vandalised.

The carrier is waiting for parts to repair the machines.

Distributors cadenassés?

During the announcement of the implementation of hand sanitizer dispensers in the various buildings of metro stations, several readers felt that it was a matter of time before they are vandalized or stolen.

The STM is defending itself for not having cadenassés. “There is a cage of protection available to these distributors, which makes it difficult, however, their supply,” said the spokesperson Amélie Régis. The latter added that their use allows the restriction of certain flights, but does not protect against vandalism.

The STM re-evaluating currently the cost of replacement and repair of hand sanitizer dispensers versus those required for the purchase of cages.

The carrier was not able to indicate at the end of the day Wednesday, the money spent for the purchase, installation and filling of the 224 terminal of hand sanitizer dispensers in the metro.

Recall that the STM has made available to its customers its distributors of hand sanitizer as a preventive measure additional to counteract the spread of the COVID-19.

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