The Terraces Bonsecours criticized on the social networks

Les Terrasses Bonsecours critiquées sur les réseaux sociaux

MONTREAL – A publication Facebook accusing the restaurant and bar Terraces Bonsecours of racial discrimination has snowballed on social networks in recent days, while a page has been created to gather the testimonies of people who believe they have been denied the entry because of their skin color.

A client has shared on the page Facebook of the establishment of the Old Port of Montréal, a publication in which she said that she and her nine friends, all of which have black skin, were not allowed to enter inside the establishment on Saturday night despite the fact that they had a reservation.

The institution replied that he would “have to investigate”, but “only to the first view, the option racism [was] negative.”

“You have only to look at the diversity of our employees and our customer base for you to realize that this conclusion is certainly early, [otherwise] easy, but certainly the taste of the time. Be certain that for the result we take everything very seriously,” said the bar via his account Facebook.

The publication, which had received hundreds of responses, has since been deleted, and a page called “Racism on the Terraces Bonsecours Montreal” has been created to identify similar testimonies. Most of the comments refer to a treatment condescending and denial of entry, despite a reservation.

On the official account of the restaurant, a message that has been put in to ensure the customers that the establishment was “no discrimination based on culture, colour or religion”. Several readers suggest, however, in the comments of the messages in connection with the allegations of discrimination. To 18h Tuesday, not less than 680 comments had been left on this publication that has been talking.

The administration of the Terrasses Bonsecours has mentioned the 24 Hours that errors with the bookings can sometimes happen, especially at the beginning of the season, when employees are new.

The police Department of the City of Montreal was not able to tell us Tuesday, where complaints have been filed against the restaurant.

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