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The terror that reigns elsewhere

The terror that reigns elsewhere


More than two million people in Burkina Faso have had to leave their homes, often after experiencing horrors, to go to refugee camps to avoid being attacked by terrorists.< /strong>

Since a coup d'etat in September, the army has been in power in Burkina Faso and is desperately trying to control the terrorism that is rampant in the country.

This violent extremism is spreading terror in the north of the territory, a part of the country rich in natural resources.

I saw in a documentary on the subject broadcast on ARTE, a Franco-German channel, that several schools in Burkina Faso have had to close their doors, since many teachers in these establishments have been killed or threatened by terrorists.


We also see that in some schools that are still open, children have to practice hiding under classroom desks, to prepare for the fairly likely event that an armed terrorist group arrives.

I was flabbergasted seeing these images.

I promised myself to focus more on these kinds of issues, even if they happen far from me.


Educational sessions broadcast on radio waves have been set up in Burkina Faso so that children who no longer have access to school because of terrorism can be in contact with a minimum of educational content.

As can be seen in the footage from the ARTE documentary I mentioned above, many of these children gather under tall trees to listen to these educational programs and benefit help from certain professors sometimes present.

A great lesson in resilience.

By talking more about these issues, we shed light on the terror and this can encourage organizations or governments to offer more support.

And often caring about crises far away from home helps us to be grateful for our life here.

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