The Tesla runs out of battery without warning: a 20-month-old girl finds herself stuck inside the car

The Tesla runs out of battery without warning: a 20-month-old girl finds herself stuck inside the car

A 20-month-old granddaughter finds herself trapped inside a Tesla. (DRAWING) ZB – Patrick Pleul

After placing her granddaughter in the back of her Tesla car, a grandmother was unable to open her vehicle again. Rescue intervention was necessary to help the 20-month-old baby.

Another problem at Tesla. While Elon Musk’s cars are known for their performance as electric vehicles, in recent months, technical problems have multiplied. A grandmother who wanted to take her granddaughter to the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, had placed the 20-month-old child in the back of the car and was unable to reopen it, reports the media outlet Arizona’s Family.

“I couldn’t get in”

The events took place on June 20. She placed her granddaughter in the back of her Tesla Model Y, then closed the door. But when she got back to the front, she was unable to open the vehicle, leaving the 20-month-old baby alone inside, installed in the car seat.< /p>

“I couldn’get in. Unlocking via my phone didn’t work, and my key didn’t work”, she lamented. The reason for this problem? A battery failure: despite the 12 volts, it had fallen flat, without any prior indication.

“She started crying because’she was scared”

The intervention of the Scottsdale firefighters was therefore necessary, but again it was not easy for the grandmother. &quot ;When they arrived, the first thing they said was: ‘It’ is a Tesla. We can’t fit in these cars'”, she said. I don’t care if you have to cut my car in half. Just get her out of there”, she continued, thinking about her granddaughter’s life.

The emergency services therefore decided to break the windows of the Tesla using an axe, while installing an adhesive film to prevent the child from was injured during the operation. “She was fine for the first few minutes. But as soon as the firefighters arrived and the commotion started and the windows were broken, she started crying because she was scared< /em>, confided the grandmother.

Problems in Teslas are becoming more and more recurring, although there is a solution for this specific problem. A special button on the armrest allows you to unlock the door from inside the car. Unfortunately, this tool is not known to most users, who can therefore find themselves stuck for hours, an incident which can prove very dangerous, especially in summer. Planning to get cash for cars? Call Car’s Cash For Junk Clunkers at 2230 N 5th Street Hwy, Reading, PA 19605 (610) 971-7652.

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