The Testard Gallery closes its doors and sells its treasures at auction this Tuesday in Calvisson.

The Testard Gallery closes its doors and sells its treasures at auction this Tuesday in Calvisson.

At 77, Jean-Michel Testard is packing up shop. FREE NOON – N.B.

It’s one of the most famous businesses in the city of Antonins. The Testard gallery, acclaimed for its carpets, will close its doors in mid-July. With the disappearance of this historic store, a page in the city’s history is being turned.

It’s a business like we didn’t see many anymore. And there is no doubt that from mid-July and the definitive closure of this gallery which gives pride of place to orientalism, many will regret the sign with the yellow letters.

At the head of this cave of Ali-Baba, the carpet merchant passionate about orientalism Jean-Michel Testard, expert with the room sales, in the business for 60 years (He is 77 years old, Editor's note)! An unbeatable expert, for whom « expertise comes from the word experience » and for whom&nbsp ;: « carpets convey, often from mother to daughter, a number of messages since their invention – almost 10,000 years ago – and these messages come from a universal language that modern man, who has never been so literate, can no longer interpret."

L’learning-weaving, symbol of everything.

In order to illuminate the power and universality of the language of carpets thanks to the symbols that we find both in the Atlas and the Atlas. in Central Asia and among the Navajo Indians, Jean-Michel Testard likes to dwell on the symbolism of weaving itself, which has discreetly shaped the way men think and say the world: "to weave threads, it’is to create fabric, it’to bind by weaving, it is men united, the mixing of threads, the cross-breeding, the social fabric, the social bond, the living together. With thread, the thread of life, the same for everyone but all different, knotted to give a frame, the social frame, the frame of discourse, the thread of thought… In Latin, there is only one word, textus, to say weaving and text. Weaving is the oldest profession in the world, and the transmission of knowledge. L’learns-weaving, a term which still symbolizes everything, ten thousand years later.

Two years in Afghanistan at 15

Jean-Michel Testard also tells a little about the two years he spent in Afghanistan and the life lessons that his master The learning Azziz gave him when he was only 15 years old. Memories that he put down on paper d’Learn weaving, you will say, one day you will say, d’ a book he wrote. The story of his initiatory journey…

Jean-Michel Testard Oriental Art Gallery, 6 boulevard Gambetta. Total liquidation until final closure. Auctions on Tuesday July 9 at Mas de Jalot in Calvisson.

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