The things I didn't expect to see this year

Things I didn't expect to see this year

MISE & Agrave; DAY

A curfew … I remember feeling like a war criminal once, when at 8 p.m. and dust, I defied government orders to return to the family residence. I walked along the shrubs like in a bad spy movie, the faux leather pants less. I know, maybe the curfew will come back. But it will probably be in 2022, so shhh! The meteoric rise of the Omicron variant. To me, Omicron was the name of an obscure death metal band. As of this writing, it is close to 10,000 cases per day and my entourage is divided into two: those with COVID and those waiting for their test results.

Ventilation in schools. This is a joke! There isn't really any. Cabbage ! The wave of feminicides. Eighteen in Quebec since the beginning of the year. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The arrival of a specialized tribunal dedicated to victims of sexual and domestic violence. & Nbsp;

The dispute between the Chief Justice of the Court of Quebec and Simon Jolin-Barette. & Nbsp;

< p> Julien Lacroix and Maripier

The multiple and clumsy attempts of Julien Lacroix to return to the portrait. In his latest attempt at forgiveness, the fallen comedian tells us that consent is complicated and that two people can have different perceptions of the same sex relationship if they are both right. How can I tell you, Julien? & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Maripier Morin who turns into a barista and sells her laundry in the semi-basements of a shopping center. Mathieu Bock-Côté who becomes Eric Zemmour's replacement on French TV. Zemmour who wants to become President of the Republic. “A Frenchman will not have the right to call his son Mohamed. “That's what he said. Not Mathieu, there. This is a quote from Mr. Zemmour. Surreal. & Nbsp;

So much mutual aid and humanity. I think I want to hang on to that. 2021 will have been a very difficult year for many. But there was a lot of beauty, too. And if many of us are capable of the worst, I trust that the majority strive every day to do the best. & Nbsp;

 Things I didn't expect to see this year

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