The third Lozère Pride March is organized in Mende on Saturday June 29

The third Lozère Pride March is organized in Mende on Saturday June 29

La deuxième Marche des fiertés, à Mende, le 17 juin 2023. MIDI LIBRE – LUCAS MANOUVRIER

Village associatif et animations à partir de 11h ; défilé à partir de 17h ; concerts en soirée.

Saturday June 29, from 11 a.m., at Square Émile-Joly, in Mende, the TaPaGe collective is organizing the third Lozère Pride March. On the program: an associative village with sexual health prevention or visibility associations, awareness of the experiences and daily realities as people concerned or allies of LGBTQIA +, such as AIDES, CeGIDD, Family Planning 48 & hellip;

Library stand, games, exhibitions, workshops for creating signs and slogans, queer makeup, Gorilla Beauty, and participatory creation of fanzines and postcards, with the artist Rizzo Boring.< /p>

Defending LGBTQIA+ rights

The Pride March will leave at 5 p.m. from the fairgrounds to tour the heart of the city in glittery, colorful, crazy and degendered costumes, to the sound of DJ Pardon Garçon. In the evening, concerts: Royale Canine, Les Poulets sans têtes and DJ PomPomPom, at Square Émile-Joly.

The TaPaGe collective is an association driven by the desire to bring life to its territory and to defend the rights of LGBTQIA+. The association intends to fight against LGBT-phobias and against discrimination linked to sexual orientation and gender identity so that everyone (LGBTQIA +, families, relatives, people in question) can access festive times, prevention, awareness and equal access to public space with respect for everyone. Free price event open to all.

Contact: or or Facebook: TaPaGe48 or Instagram: tapage48.

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