The Third War according to Ken Follett

The Third War According to Ken Follett

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Barely a year ago, Welsh writer Ken Follett gave us Dusk and Dawn , an imposing ante-episode of the Pillars of the Earth . And now he comes back to us with an equally big novel.

It's quite rare that you can write “thanks to covid”, but here we do it: thanks to covid, Ken Follett was able to finish his new book much faster than expected. Having taken advantage of the confinement to write and write again, he indeed produced in record time For nothing in the world , a block of nearly 800 pages whose main lines of the story began to take form in his mind a good ten years ago.

“The idea for this novel came to me while I was working on The Fall of the Giants and that I was researching World War I and how it started & nbsp; “says Ken Follett, who can be reached at his home in Knebworth, a village in Hertfordshire famous for its rock concerts. “I realized that no one really wanted it, that all the emperors, presidents and rulers of the day did not want this planetary conflict. There were only a series of decisions which, in themselves, were not bad decisions, but which led to an escalation of tensions and irreversible violence. So, I asked myself one thing: could this all happen again to the point that a third world war becomes inevitable? “

The beginning of the end

None of the characters crossed in For nothing in the world not inspired by real people. But the plot is terribly realistic. “For me that was a big deal,” Follett adds. I wanted the story to be perfectly believable and for people to be like, oh, my God, this could really happen soon! & Nbsp; “

To achieve this, the Welsh writer takes us to Chad, where a dangerous jihadist named Al-Farabi is hiding. In addition to being the head of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS), the man is said to finance the activities of his organization through drugs and human trafficking. In the kind of dirty guy, hard to find better, what. & Nbsp;

But while the CIA and the French secret services actively seek him out, a young US military corporal is killed in the capital by a terrorist armed with a Chinese rifle probably bought in Sudan. This will be the detonator, the event that ignites the powder. A bit like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was in 1914. “There he was an Archduke, but today one can be just as outraged and upset by the death of 'a soldier, says Ken Follett. Particularly in the United States, where the murder of a young military man can cause a stir. & Nbsp; “

In fact, it will not take long for the shock wave to spread across the planet. In the United States, of course, but also in China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, France and many African countries. And given this extremely tense political context, we will gradually understand that the future of the planet is hanging by a thread. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Insane research

To lighten things up, Ken Follett will also offer us a few love stories in parallel: that of a Chinese vice-minister of intelligence married to an actress as beautiful as she is famous, that of two secret agents on a mission in Chad and that of Kiah. , a pretty widow ready to do anything to flee her village at the mercy of the jihadists and settle in Europe. “As I had nothing in common with this young woman born in the desert, it took me a lot of imagination to put myself in her skin and see things while respecting her rather limited experience of the world,” emphasizes the 'writer. For me, it was quite difficult. & Nbsp; “

” & nbsp; But what was even harder was finding certain information, “he continues. Anything related to the Chinese government, for example. How are the meetings going, how decisions are made … The Chinese like to keep it all a secret. I also had great difficulty in pinpointing the location of the presidential palace in N’Djamena, Chad. It was the blog of a young traveler that enlightened me. Under a photo of sculptures taken in a park, she said Chadian police made sure the palace did not appear there. I deduced that the palace was on the other side of the sculptures. When we really want, we find! “

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