The time for experiments is not over with the Raptors

The time for experiments is not over with the Raptors

Despite a first victory in four games on Thursday, it is still time for experiences with the Toronto Raptors.

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With the departures of Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol and the arrival of Aron Baynes in the offseason, the Canadian team is still looking for the perfect combinations, both in the starting lineup and on the bench. A very different situation from that of recent years.

“I think it will be a changing situation with every game,” conceded head coach Nick Nurse after his team’s 100-83 win over the New York Knicks, according to the “Toronto Sun” daily.

Baynes’ game also seems to be the center of the driver’s concerns since the center was only used for 15 minutes on Thursday, the lowest total since the start of the campaign. The brilliance of Quebecer Chris Boucher also complicates things.

“I think Aron had two good games and two pretty ordinary games, so he’s hitting for .500. Chris has two very good games, but Alex [Len] had a few as well. I don’t know, I think we will continue to assess things. ”

No rhythm

This uncertainty and rotation will certainly help find effective combinations, but until then, Fred VanVleet believes that the changes are preventing the team from finding its rhythm.

He knows full well, however, that the club’s 1-3 record is largely down to the players and their performances on the pitch.

“We are still far away [du rendement escompté], he said. I think that’s something we keep talking about. The guys are trying to find their place in the team. But I believe that the better we play, the easier it is for Nick and his coaching staff, who won’t have to look for all kinds of ways to get the win. ”

“I think that once the five [partants] will find their natural role and position, things will get a little better. But when you search [des solutions], everything is on the table, so it’s hard to keep pace. ”

The Raptors will resume action on Saturday by visiting the New Orleans Pelicans.

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