The tour of Quebec in five red

Le tour du Québec en cinq rouges

In search of red wines have cooling for your vacation ? Your thirst for lightness and freshness, may well be filled by the wines produced in your house. On the road or in the comfort of your home, go there, explore !

The vineyard in quebec, it does not cease to repeat it, has made giant leaps in the past five years. This is, of course, for the white wines, they are composed of grape varieties, hybrid or vinifera, and for the sparkling wines… but also for the reds. I had the proof, once again, last week, while I dégustais, with my colleague Marie-Michèle Grenier, a few dozen of the best red wines of here. A surprise did not expect the other ! And the successes are not limited to the warmer areas of the south of the province. Two of our favorites came from the regions of Sherbrooke and of Quebec. Skeptical ? Taste for yourself. Me, I’ve already made my reservations for the next heat wave…

Health !

The Halt of the Pilgrims, Red 2019

16 $

IGP Vin du Québec 1.2 %

12.8 g/L | ★★★ | $1/2

SAQ Code : 12263422

Five minutes from downtown Sherbrooke, Marco Corbin sign of a very good red, the color of which is pale and clear ad a soft mouth and flowing, very delicate. The flavours are frank, typed and representative of the assembly, in the most positive manner possible. A red thirst that we will be able to enjoy as an aperitif, with a plate of cold meats or a salad of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. A great discovery !

Vignoble Ste-Pétronille, Reserve red 2018

19,14 $

IGP Vin du Quebec 12,25 %

n/a g/L | ★★★★ | $$

At the field or online : vs-p. ca

If I didn’t know that I tasted a wine from the island of Orleans, I could have sworn that I had in my glass of a gamay or a pinot noir. That is to say, all of the glamour and fruity which flows from 2018, also inviting on the nose as tasty in the mouth. Grape varieties like marquette and petite pearl are on the banks of the St. Lawrence an expression distinctive and distinguished. The tannins are silky, the flavors are fine and complex, and aging in oak casks is perfectly mastered. It’s a pure delight !

Léon Courville, Cuvée Julien 2019

$16.50 per

IGP Vin du Quebec, 12.5% of

7.8 g/L | ★★★ | $1/2

SAQ Code : 10680118

The classic red of this domain located in the outskirts of lake Brome always at 100 % on the grape variety of French hybrid Marechal Foch, but it is a great look especially cool in 2019. The strawberry compote with the accents of rose and notes of balsamic ; the attack is supple, flowing, and the tannins are tightening in the final to leave an overall impression filling. Acidity is crisp as much as its flavors will make a perfect marriage with a duck confit salad.

Vineyard Beauchemin, Red 2018

24,50 $

IGP Vin du Quebec 12 %

n/a g/L | ★★★ | $$1/2


The family Beauchemin is established at Yamachiche, in the Mauricie region. Their red present in the mouth, fruity and lively, which makes much feel its origins in the boreal. Dry, nervous, but pleasant and punctuated with invigorating aromas of small red fruits, flower and leather. An expression chubby and thirst quenching grape radisson, chambourcin and frontenac noir.

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne, Vintage Phoenix 2018

For $19.95

IGP Vin du Quebec 13,1 %

1.9 g/L | ★★★1/2 | $$

SAQ Code : 12445074

A few weeks ago, my colleague Patrick Désy, I was served this wine in a recording of our podcast of the Wicked Grapes. If I soon recognized its quebec origins, I would never have been able to identify the vintage Phoenix, as the red signature of this area of Saint-Eustache, in the Basses-Laurentides, took an important turn freshness in 2018. Bit of a woody taste, but a lot of brightness, with notes of candied tomatoes, flowers, roasted red pepper, black currant. Perfect for eggplant in the gratin.

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★★ Good

★★★ Very good

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More stars than dollar: is worth its price.

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Less stars than dollars: the wine is expensive.

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