The tour TD musiparc grows

La tournée TD musiparc prend de l’ampleur

The offer summer of live performances takes on an unexpected dimension. Eight artists, including three stand-up comedians, in addition to the programming of the tour, TD musiparc, a hundred shows presented in five locations outside of Quebec between 19 June and 19 July.

Bruno Pelletier, Bobby Bazini, Kevin Parent, Matt Lang, Roxane Bruneau, as well as the comedians Réal Béland, Dominic and Martin, and Denis Drolet, in addition to a host of artists announced on the 28th may, which will give live performances “live” to people in their car this summer.

The addition of a pane of humour comes from a request of the public, supports Sébastien G. Côté, executive producer and senior director at Musicor, who has led the programming.

“We are confident that the clubs will find a way to reach people differently in their car and interact with them”, he confided to the Journal, yesterday.

A hundred shows

For four weeks, about a hundred performances are so programmed to Mercier, Quebec, Bromont, Mirabel and Gatineau, on external sites that can house 350 cars. On Friday and Saturday nights are greater of first parts. Among them, Renee Wilkin, King Melrose, Gabriella, Mélissa Ouimet and Simon Morin.

The tour will offer people what comes closest to an experience of festivals, writes the chief operating officer of Quebecor Sports and entertainment, Martin Tremblay.

“It’s a facility the size of a festival, details of-t-he at the other end of the wire. It has scenes of 40 feet by 50 feet, with two LED screens. […] People will have the opportunity to live a real experience. They are going to lower their window, will scream, whistle, clap. This is what we lack at the moment in Quebec and around the world.”

It is expected, moreover, to an energy very special. “People will remember for a long time of this show they had seen in the summer of 2020”, he believes.

Two million $ invested

Even if no figure for the sale of tickets for the first two weeks has been revealed, Martin Tremblay said “super happy” the reaction of the public.

The project, which brings a lot of financial challenges, has required an investment of two million dollars, he said.

“When you built an experience of a kind festival, you rentabilises with 10 000 people. We, it was necessary that they be made to happen with 350 vehicles per show. We did all sorts of calculations with angles of view in order to arrive at this concept here.

It has not done so in a optical first level of profitability. This was done by asking how we could animate the music scene and make work the world this summer. It has a hundred people working with us and who might not have had work otherwise.”

The programming details are available at Tickets for all shows, the cost 74.50 $ per car, are on sale now.

FULL LIST OF headliners

  • Marc Dupré
  • Brigitte Boisjoli
  • 2Frères
  • Ludovick Bourgeois
  • The Lost Fingers
  • Blue Jeans Blue
  • France D’amour
  • Guylaine Tanguay
  • Marc Hervieux
  • Kaïn
  • Dominic and Martin
  • Réal Béland
  • Les Denis Drolet
  • Laurence Jalbert and Geneviève Jodoin
  • Bruno Pelletier
  • Matt Lang
  • Roxane Bruneau
  • Melissa Ouimet
  • Dany Bédar
  • Bobby Bazini
  • Kevin Parent
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