The tourist has survived after falling into an active volcano: how it was saved

Rescuers searched for people in trouble with the man for about two and a half hours

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Турист выжил после падения в действующий вулкан: как его спасали

The volcano

32-year-old visitor to Hawaii volcanoes national Park collapsed into the Caldera of an active volcano. He tried to see what is below, but slipped and fell. Rescuers searched for the man for about two and a half hours, reports Inside Edition.

As it became known, the tourist climbed over the railing of the observation platform near the Kilauea volcano and nearing the edge of the volcanic Caldera, a huge basin with steep walls and a flat bottom formed in the place of the eruption, or after the collapse of the crater.

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Rescuers say that the tourist fell on a ledge and survived, but was seriously injured. He managed to raise on Board the helicopter in a basket and ropes. The victim was taken to the hospital, his condition is stable.

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