The tourist managed to capture the Loch ness monster on camera. Video

Туристу удалось снять лох-несское чудовище на камеру. Видео

Black “six-meter object” was moving in the water with relatively great speed.Tourists vacationing in Scotland, claiming to have captured on video the legendary Loch ness monster that was frolicking in the lake.

A black “a six-meter object” was moving in the water with a fairly high speed, then diving, then surfacing again to the surface. It resembled a large snake.

“My friend and I lay sunbathing on the sand, and laughed… Then looked at the water and saw something unusual… I turned on my video camera. We could not believe what I saw! It was amazing – whatever it is,” wrote the author of the video.

Some users suggested that it waves exiting from the MIME of the ship. However, the operator of the video claims that no boats were around.

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