The truth: Anglade is wrong about family doctors

The truth: Anglade is wrong about family doctors< /p> UPDATE DAY

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Last Friday, Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade suggested that more Quebecers today are without family doctor than four years ago. “In 2018, we had 400,000 Quebecers who did not have family doctors. It's not normal that today we have reached 1 million Quebecers who do not have access to a family doctor,” she said, as part of a discussion organized by the Institut du Nouveau Monde and Le Devoir.


The truth: Anglade is wrong about family doctors

Madame Anglade is wrong: less than Quebecers today are without a family doctor. Since François Legault became Prime Minister, the number of Quebecers registered with a family doctor or a group of doctors has increased from 6,394,000 to 6,654,000, an increase of 4.1% over almost 4 years. However, it is true that the number of Quebecers on the waiting list to obtain the services of a family doctor increased drastically during the CAQ's mandate, rising from 474,000 to 830,000. Thus, more Quebecers have access to a family doctor, but more Quebecers are also actively seeking their services.