The truth: contrary to what François Legault said, there were not 50% of immigrants who did not speak French under the PQ and Liberals

The right time: contrary to what François Legault said, it there weren't 50% of immigrants who didn't speak French under the P&ccedilists and the Liberals


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The five leaders of the parties represented in the National Assembly were on the show Everyone talks about iton Radio-Canada on Sunday evening. Asked, among other things, about immigration, Prime Minister François Legault said: “When the Liberals were in power and when the PQ was in power, there were half of them [des immigrants] who did not speak French. There, it is only 20%. So we made sure that 80% of newcomers speak French before being chosen.”


The right time: contrary to what François Legault said, there was not 50% of

The Prime Minister is right, but only partly. According to data from the Department of Immigration, provided by the CAQ, barely 15.6% did not speak French last year, or less than 20%. However, it is false to say that the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and the Parti Québécois (PQ) welcomed half of the economic immigrants who did not speak French when they formed the government.

Between 2012 and 2018, Quebec welcomed an average of 36.5% of immigrants who did not know French. Thus, during this period, the province welcomed 63.5% of economic immigrants who knew French, with a percentage at its lowest in 2018 with 55.2%. Since 2019, the numbers have been on the rise, as the province welcomes an average of 71.1% of immigrants who speak French.

In 2021, 84.4% of economic immigrants welcomed by Quebec knew French. French.

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