The truth: not all teachers have received 15% increases as the head of the CAQ said

The right time: not all teachers received 15% increases as the head of the CAQ said


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The head of the CAQ, François Legault, repeated a few times during Face-à-Face de TVA that his government has increased teachers' salaries by 15%. He repeated yesterday, during a press briefing, that “in the last 4 years, […] we have increased the salaries of teachers by 15% to try to attract more, because that it is not yesterday that there is a lack of teachers. » 


The right thing: not all teachers received 15% raises as the head of the CAQ said

Mr. Legault lacks a bit of precision. Not all teachers were entitled to a 15% increase. It is only one salary level that has increased as much, namely level 3. This level is the one which is “at the entry into the profession for 99% of the teaching staff”, according to the Autonomous Federation of education. It therefore went from $46 115 to $52 954. It is therefore true when Mr. Legault says that this increase aims to attract more teachers since the starting salary is higher than before. 

For the other levels, the increases vary from 6.1% to 12.6%, for an average of 7.9%. The top salary is now $92,027. The majority of current teachers therefore did not get a 15% salary increase.

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