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The truth: the PCQ has no study to support its leader's statement on the increase in natural gas for another 50 to 60 years

The right time: the PCQ has no study to support the leader's statement on increasing natural gas for another 50-60 years


Our Investigation Office specializes in the art of establishing the facts. Throughout the election campaign, our researchers present their findings to flush out the candidates' surprising, dubious or downright false statements, and allow you to see more clearly. 


Going to Everyone is talking about itLast Sunday, Éric Duhaime mentioned that we still have 50 to 60 years of increased demand for natural gas. He asserts that Quebec's natural gas would be more ecological than that of other regions of the world and that the money that the State would derive from it would be invested in the energy transition.

THE FACTS< /strong> 

If we rely on the words of Éric Duhaime, the increase in gas demand will continue until 2070 or 2080. However, we were unable to find any recent proof. The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) refers us to sources that indicate that the demand for oil and energy will be higher in 30 years, and not 50 or 60 years as Mr. Duhaime suggests.

< p>According to the information provided, in 2040 or 2050 the world will use more hydrocarbons than in the year 2000, the world demand for oil will increase by 9% by 2045 and the demand for energy on the scale will be 47% higher in 30 years.

Without wanting to decide, Associate Professor Darlene Himick of the University of Ottawa mentions that there are several studies on the subject with timelines, different geographies and settings. You just need to find a study to prove your point.

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