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The truth: the QS candidate is mistaken in saying that there is no bungalow for less than $300,000 in Matane

The right time: the QS candidate is mistaken in saying that there is no has no bungalow under $300,000 in Matane

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Our Investigation Office specializes in the art of establishing the facts. Throughout the election campaign, our researchers present their findings to flush out the candidates' surprising, dubious or downright false statements, and allow you to see more clearly. 


In an interview this morning on Radio-Canada in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, the candidate for Québec solidaire in Matane-Matapédia, Marie-Phare Boucher, expressed its concerns in connection with the housing crisis.  

“We must act on the level of the overbidding of housing. In Matane, if you look for a very normal bungalow, you have nothing below $300,000,” she told Éric Gagnon of Info Réveil.

< strong>THE FACTS

However, it is false to say that there is nothing below $300,000. On the contrary, the majority of detached single-family homes sold since January 1, 2021 have been sold with a price of less than $300,000, according to an analysis of land registry data.

In fact, L'Heure Juste has identified 308 buildings of this type that have been sold for nearly two years.

The median amount of these transactions is $170,000 and the average price is $185,924. 92.5% of them, or 285 buildings, were sold with a sale price of less than $300,000.

The finding has been the same since the beginning of 2022, while 88.5% of real estate transactions were for less than $300,000.

In addition, during the last four quarters, the Centris company recorded 142 transactions for single-family homes in Matane. The median price is $175,250. There are currently 43 properties for sale on the website, and 29 of them have a sale price of less than $300,000.

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