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The truth: the training of psychologists is not three years as the head of the CAQ said

The right time: the training of psychologists is not three years like the said the head of the CAQ


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While on Paul Arcand's show at 98.5 on Wednesday morning, Prime Minister François Legault spoke about the state of the health network, among other things.

Asked about investments and additions of government staff in the health network, Mr. Legault said: “We have already made announcements. There were vacancies posted. There are currently positions that are posted and that are not filled. It takes three years of college to train a psychologist.”


This is false. It does not take just three years of university to train a psychologist.

Taking the typical example of a full-time psychology student, it rather takes 3 years to complete the bachelor's degree and between 4 at age 7 to complete the doctorate.

To this, we must add two years at CEGEP in Human Sciences, or other programs. Obviously, a part-time student or one who delays his academic career will take a few additional years before being trained.

The Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) also reacted to the Prime Minister's remarks in a posting on Twitter. The OPQ made a point of recalling that the requirement to be recognized by the Order is a doctorate, because “psychologists are experts in evaluation (diagnosis) and psychological treatment”.

To By way of comparison, a person who has a bachelor's degree in psychology can still, depending on the requirements for the position, teach at CEGEP, be an educator or psychosocial worker, for example.

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