The Tuche 4 : Kad Merad in the casting for the sequel ?

Les Tuche 4 : Kad Merad au casting de la suite ?

The Tuche 4 : Kad Merad in the casting for the sequel ?

It is now official, Jean-Paul Rouve will find his character of Jeff in 2020 in the film Les Tuche 4, always directed by Olivier Baroux. A highly anticipated sequel to fans, but also Kad Merad, ready to play in it.

Kad Merad fan of Tuche

Kad Merad is he jealous of the success solo ” by Olivier Baroux, his friend of always, with his cinematographic saga “Les Tuche” ? Absolutely not. Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs on the success of his friend – that he found this year in the film “Just a Gigolo”, the Césarisé is shown to be ecstatic about it.

Success with the public – in the absence of a critical success, the saga of The Tuche is in effect in popular culture. And as recalled by the actor, it is a rare event in France, which deserves admiration : “What happens to do with The Tuche, frankly, it is very, strong. Getting to meet the public like this with a family, and expressions that are returned in the language of the people. It is now said ‘Do not your Tuche’. At the World Cup, Pavard, we took it to Jeff Tuche… It, I’m a fan. It is very difficult. This is what has managed to make Dany Boon. They are not many makers of comedies to return to the people“.

A role in the 4th film ?

Compliments have logically made fun in the main proceedings concerned, who was sitting right next to it, but who were not innocent. After you have said “I love it, I have my side also popular“, Kad Merad has cheekily stated that he would like to have a small place in The Tuche 4 : “In the 1, I had a very small appearance, it was frustrating. (…) If there is an interesting role to defend, I’d agree. (…) It is like playing in a movie Astérix, it has become unavoidable“.

And in order to put her best friend in the pocket, Kad said with amusement : “I’ll do it for not much, that he knows, it is not a question of money. Even if I have a few requirements“. His dream will he materialize ? See you in 2020 for the know.


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