The Tuche 4 : the first trailer very (very) frustrating

The Tuche 4 : first trailer very (very) irritating

Pending its release in the cinema in 2020, The Tuche 4 – ever directed by Olivier Baroux and worn by Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Sarah Stern, Pierre Lottin and Théo Fernandez, is already a first trailer. Or rather a teaser extremely long. Much too long. You do not understand ? We let you discover.

What do you do on December 9, 2020 ? Nothing ? Well, this is Olivier Baroux has something to offer you. In fact, it is this date that the director will show the film Tuche 4, the new installment of its now cult saga with nearly 12 million viewers. And to get us in the mood, a first teaser has just already been put online.

First “trailer” for The Tuche 4

Unfortunately, caution, do not expect to discover unpublished images of the new adventure of this family completely off the wall. And for good reason, the shooting of this sequel is not planned until the month of January next year.

But then, that unveils this first video ? It is simply a matter of the joke is the longest of the year. Adopting the concept of a famous replica of Jeff Tuche, the character of Jean-Paul Rouve, this video is fun to play with our patience through an amazing countdown of a duration of 17 minutes in order to teaser the release date of the movie. Simple and effective, it is valid.

The Tuche vs Christmas

As a reminder, The Tuche 4 will not play in Rome – contrary to what might suggest the last scene of the previous film, but at Christmas. No info has not yet filtered out on the content of the story, but Olivier Baroux has recently unveiled : “We do not yet have the whole story : we’ve been working on it all day and it is very long. But we will walk on the flowerbeds of the father Christmas“. It is a dream.

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