The Tuche 4 : to save the Father Christmas, Jeff Tuche will go to war against Amazon

Les Tuche 4 : pour sauver le Père Noël, Jeff Tuche partira en guerre contre Amazon

The Tuche 4 : Jeff Tuche from going to war against Amazon in the new film

We hope you like The Tuche, and the stories WTF, because the 4th episode of the saga worn by Jean-Paul Rouve et Isabelle Nanty promises to be special. The program this time ? A crazy family and a war against Amazon (or nearly so), while at Christmas.

The Tuche celebrate Christmas

This year, you will never look at nor Mom I missed the plane, or a telefilm silly on TF1 to put you in the Christmas mood. No, the 9th December next, you will go directly to the cinema in order to discover The Tuche 4, new episode signed Olivier Baroux and always worn by Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Sarah Stern, Pierre Lottin and Theo Fernandez.

In fact, after having shaken Monaco, travelled to the USA and saved France (or almost), the Tuche will benefit from this new movie to celebrate Christmas. While waiting for the beginning of the shoot planned in a few weeks and therefore the first images, The French Movie has already unveiled the synopsis : “The story unfolds while Jeff has resigned from his position as president of the republic, he and his family are happy to return to their village of Bouzolles. With the approach of the festivals of end of the year, Cathy asks for a unique gift. Re-establish bonds with his sister, Maguy. And her husband Jean-Yves, with whom Jeff is angry that the last 10 years.

Jeff Tuche in the war against the “Amazon”

Is that all ? No, of course. We know now, nothing ever happens as expected with the Tuche. Therefore, these family reunion will quickly give rise to quarrels family that will give birth… to a war very special. Yes, Amazon may tremble, it will be in the viewfinder of Jeff.

At lunch, Jeff and Jean-Yves will once again find a point of contention : Christmas. Jean-Yves, promoted to manager of a warehouse Magazone, american giant of online commerce, puts forward the new technologies with which the kids can order what they want, when they want… Without going through the father Christmas. Jeff, as to him, very attached to traditions, explains that only the letter, sent to father Christmas, receive his / her gift under the christmas tree… This family feud that would never have had to come out of Bouzolles, will turn into a huge confrontation between Jeff Tuche and a giant of the internet…

One now awaits with impatience the word games Tuche / yule Log ! Strongly.

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