The TV channel “Ukraine” and news, “Today” invited to participate in the star show embroidery

May 16, the Postal square in Kiev will be a display of embroidery “ВышиванкаDAY”

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Телеканал "Украина" и новости "Сегодня" приглашают поучаствовать в звездном показе вышиванок

The day embroidered

To the world day shirts may 16, the TV channel “Ukraine” and the news “Today” will host a Grand national show of embroidery “ВышиванкаDAY” at the Postal square in Kiev. In the show together with well-known Ukrainians, stars of show business and loved by the leading TV channel “Ukraine” will be attended by residents and guests of the capital.

Телеканал "Украина" и новости "Сегодня" приглашают поучаствовать в звездном показе вышиванок


Embroidery has ancient history and is one of the symbols of unity of the Ukrainian people. The world day shirts, may 16, the center of such unity will be the slopes of the Dnieper at the Postal square. There will be a red carpet, guests together with the audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” will become a famous personality. The participants of the “ВышиванкаDAY” will be in national dress from a famous designer Julia Magdych, as well as your own embroidered shirts.

“I’m sure anyone who wears a shirt, feels this unity, because in each embroidered shirt is magic cheats of our nation. Embroidery is a conductor through which Ukraine can love even those who’ve never been here. So wear your shirt and come and join the party, start your morning with coffee, and a powerful energy charge of patriotism and unity with us at the Postal square” – said the leader of news “Today” Olga hrycyk.

Folk embroidery show starts at 8:00 and will last two hours. During the “ВышиванкаDAY” news “Today is” infotainment project “Ranok z with Ukraine” will prepare live reports from large-scale celebration.

“We’re in “Today” we believe that it is very important to bring people together around national traditions and values. Embroidery is a true guardian of the nation, so we celebrate the Day embroidered the entire team and we invite all Ukrainians to join us on may 16,” – commented the Director of the Directorate of informational broadcasting, editor in chief of TV channel “Ukraine” Yuriy Sugak.

Everyone can become part of a festive flash mob to make a memorable photo, to participate in the national show and raffle of gift shirts.

So, from April 24 to may 10 on the official Facebook page of the TV channel “Ukraine” and “news Today” will be a competition, under which you want to share your photo in the embroidery in the comments to the contest publication. With the help of a special program randomly 13 may be determined twenty winners who will participate in the national show in the author embroidery by a famous designer. In addition, the winners will have the chance to get a shirt as a gift from Julia Magdych.

Recall, 15 April at 21:00 on TV channel “Ukraine” hosted the premiere of the 18-part painting “the Other” joint channel and production company Star Media.

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