The TV channel “Ukraine” and Star Media took the breathtaking series “Lost memories”

This is a story that goes beyond the usual melodrama

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Телеканал "Украина" и Star Media сняли захватывающий сериал "Утраченные воспоминания"

Shooting the series “Lost memories”

The film company Star Media together with TV channel “Ukraine”, the series which presented at the FESTIVAL 2019, has completed shooting 4-episode TV movie “Lost memories”. The producers of the picture have implemented a script that intense stressful events and a complex plot, goes beyond the usual melodrama.

Watch the video about the shooting of detective Marcus TV project “Ukraine” and the Latvian media company “Elio Media”:

Overactive imagination and an inflamed imagination can play with any person cruel joke. Something similar happened with the main character Lucy, played by Ekaterina Astakhova.

In the story, a happy wife loses beloved wife of Gregory (Dmitry Saransk), and in the day of his funeral – and even memory. She became mentally unbalanced individuals, and even suspected murder. A few months after the tragic events of Lyudmila learns “happy” news – she is expecting a baby. The result of DNA test of the fetus showed that father Grigori. The pregnancy proves the impossibility of such a fact – the husband at the time was already dead. Can you believe it?

“The plot of the series there is genre mixing – there’s romance, Thriller and detective component. All this is brought to life through dramatic decisions. Looking ahead to say – in the film clear answers to the questions asked. After the final credits will have something else to think about. The complexity of the scenario lies in the title. As an actor, to play the lost memories for one day of your life? How to shoot all these experiences? This important element is necessary to convey to the viewer correctly. It builds credibility to the characters and what is happening on the screen. For the credibility of applied visual and psychological effects. Thanks to computer modeling will not see the boundaries between reality and memories. The audience completely immersed in a state of empathy the main character that suffers and suffers and bit by bit reconstructing the events of a tragic day,” said Director Roman Barabash.

Телеканал "Украина" и Star Media сняли захватывающий сериал "Утраченные воспоминания"

Shooting the series “Lost memories”

To cope alone with such an avalanche of negative events fragile woman can not do. Not just the husband died, he left huge debts, and angry creditors literally from all sides require Lyudmila return large sums of money. At the crucial moment on her way to raise an outstanding teacher Vladimir (Anton Denisenko). He literally grabs her, distraught with grief, from under the wheels of speeding cars on the highway. From this point on, the two of them will try to unravel the tangle of cobwebs, which made the main character into a stalemate.

Телеканал "Украина" и Star Media сняли захватывающий сериал "Утраченные воспоминания"

Shooting the series “Lost memories”

“The important scene which allowed Vladimir and Lyudmila to understand that connects them not only a desire to understand, where did all these misfortunes on her head, but also feel the unity of souls, was shot on the banks of the Kiev sea. The car of our heroes stalled on the shore of the reservoir, and they had this beautiful place to spend the night to celebrate the sunset and later sunrise. It was romantic and very beautiful. At this point there is no love line between them, but the natural surroundings and the manifestation of my character of real male qualities, create preconditions for the emergence of a strong and sincere feeling, based on trust and mutual understanding”, – said the actor Anton Denisenko.

Телеканал "Украина" и Star Media сняли захватывающий сериал "Утраченные воспоминания"

Actor Anton Denisenko

“A very complicated story, having read which, I even questioned how it’s possible to remove. Natural interest to be involved in the process, pushed me to agree. My character will not be able to hide from struck her rather strange circumstances. With each step it becomes clear things are not so simple in her life. She becomes entangled from the whirl of unreal events and at some point cease to understand where fantasy and where is the truth to which it wants to reach. It turns out that the people she loved, not those for whom themselves gave out for many years. In difficult times like never manifest their true forms and intentions, and it becomes clear that many are driven by greed at any cost. I found it very hard to exist in some scenes, the psychological breakdown of my character rolls over, wanted her in a difficult emotional state to hold on to throughout the shooting process,” said the actress Ekaterina Astakhova.

Телеканал "Украина" и Star Media сняли захватывающий сериал "Утраченные воспоминания"

Actress Ekaterina Astakhova

On the creation of the script worked with an experienced team of authors, Marina Shikhalieva, Anastasia Chekhov, and Elena Kuptsova.

Recall, the TV channel “Ukraine” and the company Star Media are working on a 4-part picture, “You only believe.” The main heroine of melodrama – the woman who suddenly loses everything that was important to her.

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