The TV channel “Ukraine” is preparing the premiere of Saga of love “another life”

Premiere 12-a serial picture “Alien life” will be held may 9

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Телеканал "Украина" готовит премьеру саги о любви "Чужая жизнь"

“Another life”

May 9 during the day (9:00) TV channel “Ukraine” will show a premiere 12-a serial picture “Alien life” production company Star Media. The story takes place during the dramatic 16 years – from 1939 to 1955. It is a Saga of love four heroes, who will face the most terrifying ordeal – the war and postwar repression.

The main characters of the picture – the son of the Director of a large plant Victor, orphanages Sergey, modest SHOPGIRL Polina and bright actress Love. Their fates are intertwined in order to show the best and worst human traits. One survived in a concentration camp, but forced to live under an assumed name. The second was a war hero, but is forced to lie to your wife to avoid losing it. Both women have to hide their past love to find a place in the present.

Телеканал "Украина" готовит премьеру саги о любви "Чужая жизнь"

“Another life”

“This is a human Saga about love, broken destinies of heroes, about the difficult time in which they had to live. Over 12 episodes, the characters live for about 20 years”, – told about the film, its Director Oleg Fomin.

Starring in the film are played by actors Sergey Strelnikov, Olesya Fattakhova, Ilya malakov and Ekaterina Astakhova.

“My character is a major at the time. Arrogant, cocky. Victor is in love and believes that if you have a goal, then there are no obstacles. That not a free woman, it absolutely does not hold back. I admit, I don’t really like to talk about the character much more interesting, what the audience will see him, as along with its actions. Besides, I did not fully know what was Victor… He is not a simple man and it was really fun to play,” he described his character actor Sergey Strelnikov.

Also in the film starred Dmitry Saransk, Yuri Shlykov, Svetlana Selby, Oleg Fomin, Anna Vasilyeva, Alexander Poolguy, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Oksana Zhdanova and other popular artists. The cinematographer of the film, Andrew Joseph, artistic Director – Larisa veins. The production of 12 series of paintings involved in the company Star Media. The shooting took place in Kiev, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions and lasted about six months.

We will remind, to the world day shirts may 16, the TV channel “Ukraine” and the news “Today” will host a Grand national show of embroidery “ВышиванкаDAY” at the Postal square in Kiev.

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