The TV channel “Ukraine” takes the continuation of the series “do not call”

Viewers will be able to see the continuing adventures of a taxi driver Bogdan in the second season

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Телеканал "Украина" снимает продолжение сериала "Выходите без звонка"

“Go forth without call 2”

In Kiev began shooting the series “without calling Out 2“. The production of paintings for TV channel “Ukraine” is the production company of “Three-I Production.”

Watch the video about the premiere of the first season of “Leave without calling”:

In the second season of the detective series “do not call” viewers will witness the new adventures of a taxi driver Bogdan, who stands up for those who seeks help, justice or protection. In this case he helps the police captain Marina Evtushenko and loyal friends.

According to the Director of the series Aleksey Daruga, shooting the first season was not easy, so it was a matter of honor to make a sequel better.

Телеканал "Украина" снимает продолжение сериала "Выходите без звонка"

“Go forth without call 2”

“This season was more cheerful. Easier we were treated to love stories of our heroes, relations. Now in the series more humour, that is on the site there were a lot of smiles, it became more interesting. After all, a movie about murder is a specific genre with which everything is clear, and to add to it – our task”, – said the Director of the show “without calling Out 2”.

That the continuation of the story will be more love, also told the role of the Marina – Love Tishchenko.

“For me, the second season was a surprise. Was wondering what will be the relationship of my heroine and Bogdan. I was inspired by the changing nature of the Marina. She in the first season had a bit of emotional colors, I as an actress was limited in its manifestations. Now Marina is changing dramatically, and I’m very interested and as a woman and as an actress. After first season I needed a long rest, to step away from this role. The second season will be a surprise for the audience, history is unpredictable,” said the actress Lyubov Tishchenko.

The performer of the role of a brave taxi driver, star, “Cyborg” novel Chemical that for the filming of the second season of “do not call” lose weight, said that he sought to make his character less like Superman and more real, with human weaknesses.

“The script in the second season was stronger. Lots of action, violent conflict, more humor. My character and the series as a whole will be more dynamic. In General, it’s easier to play male scene with skirmish and rukopashku. Bogdan appearance tough macho, and really thin, sensitive and insecure man, he is afraid to open up to the world,” – said about his character Roman Semisal.

Note that the plot racing driver Bogdan loses his wife in a car accident. A heartbroken man decides to restore justice and to get a confession from the guilty party, which successfully got wealthy parents. This decision radically changes the life of the protagonist.

Bogdan disappointed in the system and no longer trust police, so when his friend got in trouble, he counts only on own forces and their own takes on the investigation, interceding for those who are “here and now” seeks help, justice or protection.

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The series starred actors: Roman Semisal, Love Tishchenko, Vassily bash, Denis Rodnyansky, Borislav Borisenko, Eugene Voloshenyuk, Maria Smolyakova and others. Directors: Alex Deruga, Eugene Doronin. The producers of the project: Natalia Strybuc, Victoria Korogod, Igor Volkov, Sergey Baranov.

The premiere of the second season of the TV series “do not call” is scheduled for fall 2019 on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

We will remind, the first series of the detective story “do not call” was launched on December 3, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

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