The two Montrealers heroes in Ontario

Deux Montréalais héros en Ontario

The two Montrealers have acted as heroes on Sunday, now out of the water for hours for a hiker had fallen from a fall of 25 feet in a park of Ontario, to him, thereby saving the lives.

“It’s really a miracle that it survived the fall. We, we don’t have the time to think, we just rushed to help him, he had to act “, drops with modesty Michel Pétrin, accompanied by his long-time friend, Sébastien Bélec.

They were still shaken when The Newspaper met them yesterday.

The woman, who has lost his footing in a fall, was transported by helicopter after a rescue operation of several hours.

“[They] have literally saved the life of this patient, ” said Mathieu Grenier, deputy director of the Service paramedic, county of Renfrew.

The two friends in their thirties, who have known each other since primary school, are accustomed to the open air.

To 15 h 30 Sunday, they finished their dinner, after a day of canoeing in Algonquin provincial park, over two hours from Ottawa, when the tragedy occurred.

Drop two floors

A woman of 39 years would have approached too close to the edge of a fall and would have lost the foot, injuring themselves seriously after a descent of about 25 feet in the rocks, the equivalent of a two-storey house.

“It was next. I ran and I climbed a little the fall. She was against a tree trunk, and the current took him down. She was trying to hurt and misery to stay out of the water, ” says Mr. Pétrin, 35, who works in the sale of equipment for mines and quarries.

It was quickly joined by his friend and the two have attempted somehow to stabilize it, witnesses to a horror scene, while the victim was in a really bad point.

“She was bleeding from the face, it was very bad, but no longer felt his legs. He had to keep awake, because she lost consciousness. We asked questions, we asked if she was going to be able to walk, ” explains Sébastien Bélec, a construction contractor 36-year-old.

Satellite phone

They remained in this precarious position for more than two hours.

Meanwhile, a man who had a satellite phone was able to contact the authorities, the place being devoid of cellular bandwidth.

“What a luck that he had this phone, otherwise it would have taken much more time. It was at least an hour and a half walk. This has been very hard, it was not knowing when relief is coming, ” says Mr. Bélec.

At one time, information reached them that the helicopter would not arrive before two hours.

“It was about two and a half hours that she was in the water. She was becoming hypothermic. He had to get out of there, despite the danger, ” says Michel Pétrin.


An ambulance leave, also came to help in the maneuver, where you had to protect them as much as possible the spine and the neck of the victim.

“Once she was no longer in the water, it was necessary to warm up. And from there, everything went quickly. The relief arrived, the helicopter also. It was a relief, ” says Mr. Petrin.

The victim, who was in a critical condition, was finally helicopter to 20 h at the trauma centre of the Ottawa hospital, after a team work between the Service paramedic, county of Renfrew, the canadian armed Forces and the Ontario provincial police.

“We especially look forward to learn more about the state of the lady. This is really the most important “, conclude the two men, who say they do not consider themselves as heroes.

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