The u-pick will be allowed this summer in Quebec

L’autocueillette sera permise cet été au Québec

It will be possible to enjoy the pick-your-own fruits and vegetables this summer, in Quebec, announced on Thursday the minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, André Lamontagne.

The practice should however be framed by certain preventive measures, which have been listed in a guide designed for companies offering this type of activity.

“This activity is of great importance for several areas of vegetable production, particularly for crops of small fruit and apples. This mode of marketing offers to consumers in québec a means to supply fruits and vegetables fresh and local, while reducing food waste”, stressed the minister Lamontagne, by issuing a press release.

“As this method has security guarantees notable in the time of a pandemic and that it contributes to a healthy lifestyle, I encourage the population to indulge in the observance of certain guidelines.”

The fact that the pick-your-own takes place in the open air, over large areas and that it is conducive to the social distancing has enabled the department to go forward with this announcement.

As the collectors are usually the last ones to touch the fruit or vegetables that they harvest, the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 are decreased.

With the kiosks at the farm, pick-your-own annually generates revenues from direct sales of approximately $ 160 million in Quebec.


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