The u.s. embassy in Seoul withdraws its banner “Black Lives Matter”

L’ambassade américaine à Séoul retire sa banderole «Black Lives Matter»

Seoul | The u.s. embassy in Seoul has removed on Monday a banner in support of the anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter, in view of the risk of lead you to believe that this organization would benefit from the financial support of the federal State.

The diplomatic representation of South Korea had wanted to show his adherence to the protesters calling for an end to violence and discrimination against black Americans, after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

This banner “shows our support for the fight against racial injustice and police brutality in a time where we strive to be a company which integrates better and is more fair,” said the embassy on Saturday on Facebook.

The same day ambassador Harry Harris, a former high-ranking member of the US Navy, cited on Twitter on president John F. Kennedy who had said,” diversity is our strength.

Mr. Harris, a japanese-american, had previously told the embassy staff to be ” deeply troubled by the events surrounding the brutal murder of George Floyd and its consequences.”

“As an American of asian descent, who grew up in the segregated south of the 60s, I never imagined that this was a unique occurrence, especially in the Twenty-first century “, he added in a message.

Citing an unidentified source, CNN said that it was secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had requested the removal of the banner.

The u.s. embassy in Seoul has withdrawn at the same time the façade is a symbol of the fight against discrimination, a flag, a rainbow, a symbol of the LGBT movement.

On Tuesday, a huge banner marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean war has been deployed and occupied the space left vacant.

The spokesman of the embassy said that these withdrawals ” does not diminish the principles and ideals expressed by displaying the banner, and the embassy will look for other ways to transmit the core values of the u.s. in these difficult times on our own soil “.

He also affirmed that this was intended to ” avoid the perception, incorrectly, that the public funds from us taxpayers were spent for the benefit of such organizations.”

Mr. Pompeo, who claims to be a christian believer and opposed to gay marriage, had set in 2019, limits on the drapeau arc-en-ciel sported by some us embassies. He was in no condition to be on the mast from official buildings, reserved for the national flag.

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