The UEFA coefficients table: Ukraine finishes the season in March

Таблица коэффициентов УЕФА: Украина завершает сезон уже в марте

Any Ukrainian club failed to reach the quarterfinals of the European Cup.

On the eve of the Kiev “Dynamo” in a return match 1/8 finals of the Europa League with 0:5 lost to Chelsea. This match put a disappointing point in the European season 2018-2019 – five Ukrainian clubs (Dynamo, Shakhtar, “dawn”, “Vorskla” and “Mariupol”) was able to score only 5.6 points, which was the second worst figure for the last 10 years.

Just season 2018-2019 Ukrainian clubs have 28 points. Kiev “Dynamo” for the first time in 15 years ahead of Shakhtar to score points in the competition (13 points vs 10). 2 more points on account of “Vorskla” and “dawn” and “Mariupol” brought by 1.5 points.

At the end of the season Ukraine will not lose the ninth, but the efforts of the Netherlands, Ajax have a chance to significantly close the “Shakhtar”, “Dynamo” and the company.

Top 10 of the table of UEFA coefficients:

1. Spain – 101,8552. England – 80,0343. Italy – 74,5834. Germany – 71,2135. France – 58,4986. Russia – 50,5497. Portugal – 48,8328. Belgium – 39,9009. Ukraine – 38,90010. Turkey – 34,600

In the UEFA club ranking “miner” after the recent success of Liverpool and Napoli have dropped to 15th place, while “Dinamo” is on the 22nd position with a minimum margin from Ajax.


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