The UEFA coefficients table: Ukraine loses contact with Belgium

Таблица коэффициентов УЕФА: Украина теряет контакт с Бельгией

After the fourth round in the group rounds of Euro cups on account of Ukraine only three wins in the Europa League.

New European week for Ukraine started with the fiasco of “miner” in England – national champion missed from the Manchester city six unanswered goals and suffered the largest defeat in the history of the group stage of the Champions League.

In the Europa League “Dynamo” with the account 3:1 has dealt with “Rennes” and almost secured a berth in the 1/16 finals. “Vorskla” in the home match lost to “Karabakh” (0:1) and minimized their chances of extending European Cup season.

One win of Ukraine (0.4 points in the UEFA coefficients table), Belgium responded with a victory of club Brugge over Monaco in the Champions League draw and Genk with Besiktas in the Europa League, which brought the main rival of Ukraine 0.6 points.

Top 10 of the table of UEFA coefficients:

1. Spain – 92,8552. England – 70,3203. Italy – 69,7254. Germany – 65,3555. France – 53,1656. Russia – 48,3827. Portugal – 42,8328. Belgium – 37,3009. Ukraine – 37,10010. Turkey – 33,200

In the UEFA club ranking “miner” is located on 12-m a place, “Dynamo” returned to the top 20, and “Vorskla” took the 146th place.

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