The Ukrainian military has shown the elimination of Pro-Russian militants. Video

Украинские военные показали ликвидацию пророссийских боевиков. Видео

Video shot through the telescopic sight.

The next series from a cycle “Smoki-Boom” this morning posted on Facebook by an officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine Alexander Thunder (the other more famous colleagues of Anatoly Stefan shtirlitsa), according to the with reference to Crime.

Video shot through the telescopic sight, the distance to the target very far. First, the sound of a launching anti-tank guided missile. Then on the fortifications of the terrorists is clearly visible explosion. Four seconds after this is heard the sound of distant explosion (so far confirmed the distance to the target – the sound is distributed disproportionately slower than light). And the voice-over says: “the contact”.

Alexander Thunder says:

“Soldiers of the United Forces quickly destroyed the nest of the representatives of the Russian sexual minorities in the Donbas. The operator ATRA clearly “got” the bun directly into the Jack of tarts. According to intelligence reports two cuchareta “Irlandia” joined the ranks “200-th the brigade.”


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